10 tips to make you look taller with stylish and modern looks

 10 tips to make you look taller with stylish and modern looks

10 tips to make you look taller with stylish and modern looks
10 tips to make you look taller with stylish and modern looks

Many girls and women want to appear taller, so here are many tips and ideas that make you appear as tall as you want.

These "V" blouses and tops give an extension to your neck, and thus a visual impression of being taller, unlike a long collar. V-neck blouses are really what you need to appear taller. Also, blouses with tees from the neck, especially if they are of light fabrics, do not make the neck appear larger.

The large split skirt

Long-cut dresses or skirts work well with heels or flat shoes. Always remember that a skirt with a light fabric is great with a skirt with a large opening, but beware of a skirt with heavy fabrics, dresses and skirts with a side opening will suit everyone.

Wide leg pants

These pants are great for those who want to appear taller and fit with formal or informal clothes, especially if you wear beautiful accessories with them. And if you enjoy a slim body, you can wear wide pants, either completely wide or wide from the knee only.

But if you enjoy a curvy body, you should wear wide pants from the knee only to the back of your feet only.

High waist pegs

If you really want to appear taller, you should wear pants or shorts with a high waist as well. Short little "bermudas" make your feet appear longer, but always remember that this does not apply to skirts.

Long skirts with short tops

A good choice if you want to appear in a modern and elegant way that makes you look graceful, but you have to focus carefully on choosing the fabrics of this model, as light and heavy fabrics will be good with this model, whether in formal or informal clothes, but I fully beware of thin or transparent fabrics.

Clothes with vertical stripes

Clothes with vertical stripes are a great choice for those who want to appear taller, as they give you an appearance longer than your height by 2 cm. Lines can be in a variety of colors and thicknesses as well. Vertical fit with formal wear.

Vertically striped clothes imply a taller and thinner look, add a lively touch, and stay away from horizontal lines and squares that will give you bigger size and shorter stature.

Calm-colored shoes

It is true that high-heeled shoes are a good choice for those who want to appear taller, but these shoes may have more than one appearance and more than one effect, as heels with a wide thickness in bright colors will draw attention to the lower part of your body, but high-heeled shoes in light colors It has a strong effect on making your feet look longer, and for those who remember that in the fall season it is better to choose long "boots" winter shoes because the medium-length "bots" winter shoes make your feet appear short.


Do not be afraid to wear overalls, they suit everyone, whether you have a slender body or a curvy body, overalls give you taller stature, but remember that good overalls should have an attractive waist.

Short skirts

Some people may think that short skirts make you appear short, but your good choice of the skirt makes you charming and attractive, so if you want to appear taller, you must avoid narrow and round skirts, as the high-rise skirts make you appear 2 cm taller than your height, whether you wear them on shoes High heels or flat shoes.

Monochrome shoes and pants

Wearing trousers and shoes the same color has a strong effect on making you appear longer, dark shoes are great with dark clothes and colored shoes if they are the same color as the pants.

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