best five quick height growth exercises at home

best five quick height growth exercises at home

best five quick height growth exercises at home
best five quick height growth exercises at home

 Increasing height quickly is a wish that many young men and girls seek to fulfill before reaching their twenties of age or before the body stops growing, and fortunately there are some exercises that help increase the length of the body naturally and significantly in a short period, and it is also useful for adults who suffer from shortness Stature as it works to straighten the posture of the body, giving the short body a longer appearance.

Here are the five most popular exercises to increase height quickly. You can perform these exercises at home.

1- Stretching Exercises

Unlike what weight lifting exercises do, stretching exercises are one of the most important exercises that help increase height naturally, as they target the spine and help lengthen the body. It is necessary to commit to doing a number of stretching exercises regularly, and this will help increase the length from 2-3 inches in a short period of time. Here are some suggested exercises:

The first exercise: the cobra pose

It is one of the yoga exercises that targets the back. Start by lying on the stomach, keeping the feet slightly apart and your palms on the ground below the shoulders. We lift the chest up as far as possible with the chin up, taking a deep breath three times, then return to the starting position. And you can improve the exercise by lifting the upper part of the foot as well.

The second exercise: forward stretching

In this exercise, you take a sitting position with your legs straight forward, then extend your arms forward with an attempt to touch the metatarsal, then return again with the arms straight up.

You can also do a similar exercise by standing on the floor with arms lowered, trying to touch the legs, and then back again.

The third exercise: the cat and camel position, which targets the spine.

In this exercise, standing on all fours, that is, the hands and legs, and the back is raised to the top for several seconds, so that it is in the form of an arc and then curved down, with attention to the need to practice the exercise very slowly, and coordinate breathing. Repeats 10 times.

2- Pull Ups

The barbell exercise is one of the most popular height increase exercises that you can do in the gym or at home. The exercise is done by grasping the bar or pipe installed at an appropriate height from the ground and pulling the body towards it with the hands and stabilizing from 15-20 seconds, then descending under control to the initial position.

3- Pelvic Shift

This exercise is very easy and helps in increasing body length by straightening the body from the spine and back. All you have to do is lie on the head with the knees bent, then raise the pelvic area from the ground while keeping the feet stable, then count 10 seconds before returning to the ground. Repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.

4- Rope skipping exercises

The rope skipping exercise is another of the easiest exercises that is useful for increasing body height rapidly if it is practiced on a daily basis.

5- Legs lift exercise

To do this exercise, lie on the ground with the legs raised with the backside up as far as possible and then hold for 3 seconds before returning to the original position.

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