Does early puberty affect the growth of a girl's height?

Does early puberty affect the growth of a girl's height?

Does early puberty affect the growth of a girl's height?

 Most girls naturally reach the age between 8 to 13 years and the growth spurt occurs between 10 and 14 years, (we mean by a growth spurt, the period during which the fluctuations and changes occur rapidly and rapidly on the girl's body), and the period of growth of most girls usually stops at the age of 14 or 15; Or two years after the start of menstruation (menstruation); With regard to height, it is possible for the girl to gain approximately 1-2 inches (about 6 cm) during these two years [4].

In the event that the girl reaches an earlier than normal age, her growth spurt will occur two years after her first period, and her growth will stop at an early age relative to her adult peers at a normal age, but it must be emphasized that there are many other factors that affect the girl’s growth significantly. A year apart from the topic of puberty in general, which will differ from one girl to another.

Factors that affect a girl's height

What are the factors that cause stunted growth of a girl’s height at a certain age?

Scientists believe that the biggest factor that affects human height is his genetic makeup, or what is called (DNA) and what is known as DNA; Usually the bodies of most human beings continue to grow until they reach the age of 18, but before that there are a group of factors that affect the height that a person can reach, and among the most important and prominent of these factors we mention the following [4], [5], [ 6]:

Nutrition: A child who suffers from malnutrition is often noticed that he is shorter in length and smaller than his peers, and by improving his food he will be able to grow better. A sweet family doctor advises a girl who suffers from a problem of short stature and asks about ways to increase height: “Take care With your healthy nutrition, and after consulting a specialist, he may prescribe nutritional supplements, such as vitamins and proteins, and it is imperative to verify the levels of calcium, vitamin D and anemia, and if the doctor finds a reason, his treatment may be beneficial in increasing your height.

Hormonal imbalances: such as low levels of thyroid hormone or growth hormones. That would affect the child's development.

Medicines: such as asthma medicines and medicines that contain cortisone (corticosteroids), which slow down the growth process.

Chronic diseases: such as cystic fibrosis diseases, kidney disease, acute arthritis, cancer, and all those diseases that take a long time in treatment may affect height as well. Children who have had such diseases may be shorter.

Genetic conditions: It is known that children with Down syndrome, Noonan syndrome and Turner syndrome, become shorter than their peers due to the state of the disease with it.

Tips to gain more height after puberty

Is it possible for a girl to grow taller after puberty

There are many factors that affect a girl's height, which we mentioned above, you will not be able to control, such as DNA and genetic makeup, but there are many factors and steps that can be taken to ensure that our children grow in a healthy and natural way, and everyone who tells you that it is impossible Increasing the height of your child after puberty, make sure that he is completely wrong. Just follow the following steps after consulting a specialist, to gain growth for your child even after puberty [5], [7]:

Integrated food and a balanced diet for the child is one of the most important means to ensure the activation of hormones that help grow in the body and constantly renew cells, depending on the most important vitamins and minerals in foods, which are sure to increase the height of the child, such as: calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B 1, zinc and phosphorous.

Getting enough sleep: Early and deep sleep enhances the growth of children and adolescents, and the body releases the hormones it needs for growth, and by getting enough sleep, your child will reach her optimal growth.

Doing exercises, such as standing on the toes, jumping on the rope, and yoga, as they help to stretch the muscles, thus helping to increase the height of the child.

Drink plenty of water: at least 8 cups a day, to flush out all toxins from the body, leading to a better metabolism.

Encouraging the child and enhancing her self-esteem: It is possible that the child will not grow taller to catch up with her peers, but you should work to enhance her self-confidence, despite everything.

In conclusion ... even though a person's height is determined by the hormones of his body and his DNA, environmental factors such as proper nutrition and exercise are: It helps him grow better during childhood, so all you have to do is control your daughter's diet and encourage her to take exercise to stimulate her body's hormones to grow.

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