How do I slim my legs and make them look slender and Taller ?

 How do I slim my legs and make them look  slender and Taller ?

How do I slim my legs and make them look  slender and Taller ?
How do I slim my legs and make them look  slender and Taller ?

Here is good news, the legs are characterized by large and strong muscles, which makes the process of slimming them easier than you can imagine, and thus you will appear tall even if you enjoy a short stature. And here is another good news, the more you take care of your leg muscles, the more calories you burn without moving or even making any effort. Follow these steps and you will get the desired result within a few weeks:

  • A sport routine that does not require much time, but its result is guaranteed: All you have to do is no more than 3 movements. Start by doing squats 20 times, then doing lunges 20 times before doing Romanian Deadlifts, which involves standing up straight as you place weights in front of the groin area, then relaxing the knees a little and sliding slowly as if you are trying something off the ground Keeping your back seated. Repeat these exercises daily.
  • Simple but effective movement: the elastic resistance rope, or what is known as the resistance band, helps you stretch and tone your muscles. All you have to do is lie on the floor, fold one leg and raise the other with the rope toward the ceiling, keeping it tight. Next, stand up straight and extend one leg as far as possible from the other with the rope. Repeat this exercise 10 times with each leg.
  • Besides these exercises, use a make-up trick to get attractive legs, which only takes a few seconds. All you need to do is apply a tanning cream and highlighter this way before wearing a skirt, dress, or shorts. Do not ignore the importance of a moisturizer that you should apply daily, especially after showering or hair removal.
  • Choose your clothes carefully: There are many designs that will make your legs look long without making any effort, most notably long or short pants that are distinguished by their high waist. Here's another trick: Put on pants and shoes with the same color and your long legs will magically appear. Of course, you are indispensable for high heels in a neutral color that will highlight your legs in a distinctive way and thus make you appear tall.

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