how tall is the normal human

 how tall is the normal human

how tall is the normal human

Human height has increased steadily over the past two centuries in all parts of the world, due to the progress and development that included the fields of health and nutrition during this period; Studies have shown that a person's natural height is affected by two main factors: The genetic factor, and the environmental factor, where the genetic factor explains the differences in length between one race and another. The height of a person may be negatively affected during childhood due to malnutrition or exposure to various diseases, and this is evidence that a person’s height and level of growth are related to the standard of living, so the difference in height in a region is affected by the economic situation in this region over time, and thus it can be an indication of The health of the individual, taking into account the influence of the genetic factor on him.

Normal human height

Average height of males (1-18 years)

Average height of females (1 - 18 years)

Weight for height

Height, gender, muscle and fat composition, and the size of the skeleton affect the ideal and normal weight of people, and the ideal weight can be known by the formula for body mass index (BMI) which is calculated by dividing the weight (in kilograms) by The square of height (in meters), which is as follows: (weight (kg) ÷ height 2 (meters)), and after calculating the BMI, the weight position is determined by comparing it with the following information: 
  • Weight loss: less than 18.5 kg / m2.
  • Healthy weight: between (18.5 and 24.9) kg / m2.
  • Weight gain: between (25.0 and 29.9) kg / m2.
  • Obesity: more than 30.0 kg / m2.
An illustrative example: If the length is 1.65 m and the weight is 61 kg, then we can calculate the BMI by applying the equation (61) / (1.65) 2, so that the result is 22.4 kg / m2, and in this case the weight is considered ideal and normal, because it falls Within the normal weight range, that is, between (18.5 and 24.9) kg / m2.

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