how to become Tall using exercises For children and Adults ?

how to become Tall using   exercises For children and Adults ?

how to become Tall using   exercises For children and Adults ?
how to become Tall using   exercises

 Many people have a desire to be Tall , as a personal preference may increase a person's feeling of satisfaction with his outward appearance and himself in general.

how to become Tall using   exercises For children and Adults ?

Although it may seem imagination, in reality there are exercises that adherence to may help increase the height of people of both genders and of all ages, as they work to strengthen and extend the muscles of the body, especially the legs, and here it is worth noting that each age stage has appropriate exercises to increase Length.

Height increase exercises for children and adults

The following two factors play a major role in determining a child's height:

Genetic factors and family genes.

The nutrition the child gets.

The rate of increase in height usually decreases after the first year of the child's life, and returns to rise again between the ages of 8 to 13 years in females, and 10 to 15 years in males.

In addition to making sure that your child gets a healthy, balanced diet and focusing on increasing protein levels in his daily nutrition, there are some exercises to increase height that can be tried with your child without causing him any harm and experts praise their effectiveness, the most important of which are:

Stretching exercises

You can use the following stretching exercises to increase height, and repeat them at least 10 times a day for best results:

Have your baby lean against the wall with his back, and ask him to extend his arms up and out as far as he can.

Have your child sit leaning against a wall, stretching his legs forward as he can.

While your baby is still sitting on the floor, ask him to spread his legs apart, lean his waist forward, and try to touch his toes with his fingers.

Hanging bars

Children often enjoy hanging on the bar at the playground, which is an excellent way to increase height. You can buy a home block from a sports equipment store near you, hang it at the entrance to your child's room and help him practice it 10 minutes a day.


Yoga helps a lot in strengthening and stretching muscles, which is why it is one of the most effective height increasing exercises for children and adults.


In addition to being one of the favorite activities for children, it is also an inexpensive sport that only requires a suitable length of rope and a place wide enough to jump with the rope without being caught by something.


Swimming is one of the height increasing exercises that helps children a lot in prolonging their stature, in addition to its benefits in improving breathing and strengthening the respiratory system and heart.


It works to strengthen all the muscles of the body, especially the legs, and it can also be practiced together to encourage the child to perform it regularly, due to the many health benefits of running, not to mention that this may lead to strengthening the bonds of your relationship as a family.


It greatly helps in strengthening the muscles and stimulating an increase in height.

Height increase exercises for teens and adults

In addition to the aforementioned height increase exercises, teens can practice the following exercises to increase their height:

Dry Land Swim: This is an exercise similar to the movements of swimming, but it is practiced on land instead of in the water. Lie on your stomach, straighten your legs, and extend your arms forward, so that your palms are on the ground, then raise your left arm slightly and your right leg, and maintain this position for at least four seconds. Repeat the same exercise with your right arm and left leg. Gradually increase the time you hold the exercise pose until you reach 20 seconds.

Pelvic shift: Do this exercise lying on your back on the floor, bending the knees, then lifting the pelvis and buttocks up, and holding this position for 20-30 seconds.

Cobra stretch: It is one of the yoga movements that aims to extend the spine and work to increase its flexibility and flexibility, as well as working on the growth of cartilage between the vertebrae, which is positively reflected along the back and increases. To do this height increase exercise, sleep on the floor with your belly facing the ground, straighten your legs, bend your arms under your shoulders, and place your palms facing the ground. Rest on your arms and lift yourself up from the front, and hold this position for a period of between 5-30 seconds and gradually increase the period until it reaches the limit of 35 seconds.

One leg jump: This height increase exercise can be practiced anytime and anywhere, while watching TV, for example. Lift your arms up and jump eight times on your left leg only. Then repeat the command with your right leg. This exercise helps to develop the mind and strengthen the legs, and stimulates the secretion of growth hormones.

Pilates Roll Over: This exercise begins with lying on your back above the ground with your legs and arms extended forward, with your hands facing the ground. Then try to raise your legs up so that they form a right angle with your body, then try to extend them further towards your head. The goal of this exercise is to gradually be able to reach with your toes to touch the ground at the side of your neck.

Forward Spine Stretch: Sit on the floor in an upright position, straighten your legs forward, then try to extend your torso so that the tips of your toes are touching your fingers.

Forward bend: Stand upright with your legs together. Bend your body forward with your hands touching the ground, without bending your knees. This exercise is one of the most popular and widespread exercises to increase height.

Straight Legs Up: By lying on the stomach on the floor and bending the arms back so that the head is resting on the hands, then raising one leg for a period of 3-5 seconds, then lowering it and repeating the exercise with the other leg.

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