how to dress as a tall man: 10 colors and clothes to match

 how to dress as a tall man: 10 colors and clothes to match

how to dress as a tall man: 10 colors and clothes to match
how to dress as a tall man: 10 colors and clothes to match

The elegant and beautiful look is the secret of a man’s attractiveness, so he should always be in the best suit and know how to choose and coordinate your clothes. Of course, the looks vary from classic to casual, and then sporty, and exceed the fashions, colors and cuts that accompany them. For every tall man who suffers in choosing his clothes and coordinating them in a way that suits the nature of his body, we offer you some tips and instructions that help you get a look full of attraction.

A tall man may not find what suits him from clothes or even find it difficult to coordinate them and thus fall victim to his choice, which spoils his appearance. So, before deciding to buy new clothes, find out the best colors, materials and clothes that will suit you if you are tall.

  • The clothes you choose should fit your body and not be bulky or bulky, so that they do not appear fat.
  •  Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, as this will expose you to embarrassment if your body is visibly bulky or slender.
  •  Make sure to buy suit shirts long enough that they can fit inside your pants.
  • We also advise you to stay completely away from the short jacket because your body will appear unequal with the length of your legs, and it is better to choose a jacket or blazer that reaches below the hips, and this will not add to your body an unwanted length or width.
  • We remain in blazers and we recommend that you choose the two buttons, because those with three buttons will increase your body length.
  • If you have a medium or lean build, the double-breasted jacket will suit you well, and similarly to the below-knee coats, which add a touch of elegance to the long body.
  •  And moving to pants, we recommend that you buy straight-legged pants, and make sure that its length covers the upper part of the shoe.
  • Adopt jeans for a slightly fallen waist if you are somewhat obese, but if you are thin, resort to jeans for the middle waist and stay away from high waist jeans.
  • In terms of colors and patterns, you are not restricted by many rules. You can wear what you want provided that the colors are mixed in one set, for example, you should not wear one color from head to toe, because that will give you more exaggerated length and this is not desirable. The contrast of colors will help your body to separate, so always create a contrasting marriage between the pants, the shirt and the shoes.
  • Feel free to choose clothes that are printed, or embellished with large patterns that are better than smaller ones for you.
  • It is preferred for tall men to wear wide accessories, and this means that your choice of belts and wide neck ties look better in appearance than other thin things.
  • As for other accessories such as hats and others, do not be afraid to wear them even if you appear thinner because it gives you a personal touch.
  • As for shoes, choose simple ones that are free of high heels, as they are ideal for your height, and preferably square or round in order to achieve a balance between the length of your legs.
  • As for shirts and sweaters, we recommend that you choose those with a half neck.
  • Choose ties of medium width.

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