Is it better to be short or Tall ?

 Is it better to be short or Tall ?

Is it better to be short or Tall ?

Sexual attraction

Men who are taller have more sex appeal than other men. Studies have shown that tall men and women are considered more attractive in general.

Out of curiosity, you can predict the height of a certain person by the shape of the face, meaning that the image that shows the face that its owners put on the dating sites between the sexes does not hide the details of the body.

Although tall women are ranked as "ideal models" for women, tall women do not have much of an advantage over gender dating sites at a time when medium height is generally preferred.

Even for men, being slim is a mixed bag if people are looking at your other features.

One recent study examined women's judgment of the size of a man's penis. For a tall man, the size of his penis is important in assessing his overall attractiveness. Men of tall build may have raised the bar on women's expectations, and so judgment is harsh if they do not live up to these expectations. It is not true that height or body size alone is sufficient to make a man attractive.

The result here is that taller men are the luckiest in heterosexual relationships, but that doesn't always mean success.

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