Recipes to grow tall

 Recipes to grow tall 

Recipes to grow tall
recipes to grow tall

Recipe for eggs, bananas and milk:

 Mix two eggs, a grain of fresh banana, three tablespoons of natural honey and ten ice cubes using an electric mixer, until we have a homogeneous mixture, and drink a cup of it every day in the early morning and in the evening, while continuing this recipe for a period ten days.

 Fenugreek recipe:

 Grind a spoonful of fenugreek, a tablespoon of black seeds and five years of garlic using an electric mixer, until we have a smooth mixture, and eat a large cup of the mixture three times per day, and continue to drink it for at least a month.

 Avocado recipe: 

mash two avocados with their peel, mix with it a cup of camel milk, mix all the ingredients with a blender, and drink from this recipe three cups a day three times, while continuing to eat this recipe for forty days.

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