The fastest way to increase height

The fastest way to increase height

The fastest way to increase height

 Body length

 Many people look for all methods that provide them with a natural increase in body length, for a tall body is considered more beautiful and attractive for some, in addition to some sports that require a suitable length to be able to practice it better, such as basketball; Which needs a tall body build in order to reach the basketball net, and goalkeepers in soccer sport; So that the goalkeeper can catch the high ball, and the sport of volleyball is preferred for its players to be tall, so that they can reach the ball near the net before their competitors, and many other sports that require more than the normal length. 

[1] Volume 0% The man reaches It reaches its maximum height at the age of 18, and its length may continue to increase slowly until the age of 21, and women reach their maximum height at an earlier age than men, as their height is fixed at the age of 16, and it may continue slower until the age of 18, and women are considered shorter in stature Of the man in general. And when a person is trying to increase his height, he must do so before the age of fixed height, in which the epiphyseal pages stop growing.

 [2] Factors affecting human height 

There are many factors that affect the maximum height that a person can reach during his lifetime, Among those factors: the genetic factor; It is the most important factor in determining the maximum height a person can reach during their growth. [3] A balanced and healthy diet, rich in protein and calcium, is an important factor in the child's growth and increasing his height. An incomplete diet will not make the child's growth normal, nor will it reach the maximum height that it can reach when it grows. 

[4] The nature of daily life; 

Whereas, lifting heavy objects leads to a great deal of pressure on the joints and back, which may cause injuries in those areas that slow down (or stop) the growth process. [5] Failure to exercise leads to poor blood circulation, which will slow down the growth process. Smoking, drinking alcohol and contraband greatly affect growth,

 [6] especially if it is addicted to it at an early stage.

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