The fastest way to become taller

The fastest way to become taller
The fastest way to increase height

Many are looking for all methods and means that provide them with a natural increase in body length, and there is no doubt that proper nutrition rich in calcium and potassium helps in increasing height, but the body needs stimulation in order to build bones and increase their length, and this is through the exercise of special exercises for increasing height Here are some of them.

Leg Length Exercises

Leg stretching exercise:

This exercise helps to increase the length of the legs, and the Achilles tendon, which adds a few centimeters to the length of the body, and helps increase the flexibility and strength of the bones, by doing the following:
  • Stand facing the wall, with both hands fixed on the wall, arms extended completely in a straight line toward the wall.
  • Bring the right leg close to the wall and bend the right knee toward the wall, taking the left leg away from the right leg a big step back and keeping it straight, so that the body has taken a position of thrust towards the wall.
  • Start pushing against the wall and continue for 5 to 10 seconds, until you feel your legs stretch.
  • Repeat the movement in two cycles, so that it is repeated in each cycle 10 times.
  • Repeat the exercise by alternating the legs.
Achilles tendon stretching exercise:

  • Adopt the same previous position by pushing against the wall, with a slight change in the position of the leg away from the wall so that it is slightly bent towards the wall.
  • Maintain the same amount of exercise, alternating between the legs.

Attachment Exercise

The attachment exercise is required to have a vertical bar hanging steadily at a height of at least a meter higher than the length of the body.
  • Attachment to the iron bar, by clinging to it on both hands while making the hands more than the shoulder level.
  • Keeping the upper torso arms extended, with the knees bent upwards at a right angle.
  • Stay in this state for a maximum of seconds.
  • Repeat the movement ten times in a row, making sure to increase in number as the exercise progresses.
  • You can also start with weights in both feet during exercise to stimulate the body to stretch faster.


Swimming is an easy and simple exercise that helps the body to stretch and increase its length if practiced in the correct way, and this is through:
  • Leave the object relaxed until it floats completely on the surface of the water.
  • Begin moving the arms and legs in both directions, feeling the water resistance of all sides as they move.

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