1500 calorie diet

 1500 calorie diet

1500 calorie diet
1500 calorie diet

The 1500 calorie diet: grace without deprivation

Always take care of your dear health and your weight, and whether you want to maintain, gain or reduce your weight, you have to know the calories that your body needs in the day, so we present you in this article: The 1500 calorie diet: grace without deprivation, and in it we offer you how Calculating the calories the body needs in dieting, in addition to a healthy, low-calorie diet.
Fitness does not come from a vacuum, but rather we must work to acquire it, even if the matter was difficult at its beginning, it quickly becomes easy and even fun as well, but first it is necessary to know the calories you need in the diet system.

Calories that the body needs in dieting

  • Calories during the day = current weight x 24 (number of hours of the day) x 1 calories, for example if a person weighs 70 kg and thinks that his weight is appropriate and healthy, and he just wants to maintain it, the equation is as follows: Calories that his body needs = 70 x 24 x 1 = 1680 calories per day.
  • Doctors believe that if a person wants to lose weight at a rate of one pound per week, which is equivalent to half a kilogram, he must deduct 500 calories per day, and if he wants to reduce it by two pounds, that is, a kilogram per week, he must deduct 1,000 calories per day, and vice versa if he wants to increase Its weight.
  • There are many smart tricks to increase the rate of weight loss, including exercise. If you can reduce the calories you eat by 500 calories, and exercise some exercise, then you will reduce what you eat and burn your body fat at other rates according to physical activity and its degree.
  • Thus, you can lose your weight by following the diet only or by exercising only or by following them together, and one of the advantages of sport is that it also shapes the body in a wonderful way even if you do not want to lose much of your weight in addition to the health of the muscles and ligaments and the improvement of blood circulation in general.
  • In all cases, doctors do not advise to reduce weight more than one kilogram during one week so that the body does not lose its vitality and health and does not affect the fat in the liver and kidneys.
  • From this standpoint, many models of diets have emerged that help with this, including the 1500 calorie diet, which is the most popular because it is suitable for everyone and depends on eating 3 meals and two snacks, as the three main meals are between 350, 400 and 450 calories, and 150 for each light meal.
  • Thus, if you want to reduce calories for more than that, you can deduct them from the five meals, as you want, and there are many tables available online to mention the caloric rates of all food foods, vegetables, fruits, and more.

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