28 days of intermittent fasting, try it quickly, the result is guaranteed

 28 days of intermittent fasting, try it quickly, the result is guaranteed

28 days of intermittent fasting, try it quickly, the result is guaranteed
intermittent fasting

28 days of intermittent fasting, try it quickly, the result is guaranteed

Intermittent fasting diet

Intermittent fasting is an incredibly popular method, and it is right that it includes switching the eating period for 8 hours with a fasting period of 16 hours and abstaining from eating only and here, the last meal of the day is eaten before 8 pm, and the first meal of the day is a meal The next day at noon.

This type of fasting is the most wonderful, and we will mention the benefits of intermittent fasting and intermittent fasting in detail and mistakes.

Among the current types of dieting is intermittent fasting, which is a wonderful diet, and a new way of eating that has many health benefits.

Dieting is super easy and also has a lot of health benefits, beyond weight loss. This is pretty much a dream mix, isn't it? Welcome to intermittent fasting! We're here to break everything down for you, so you can get started today if you wish!

Intermittent fasting diet Read on to learn the benefits of intermittent fasting, the different fasting schedules that you can follow, the foods and drinks that you can include while eating and periods of fasting, and how to maximize the effects of intermittent fasting.

What is intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a method of losing weight that aims to link periods of fasting with periods of feeding. The goal is to make the body use the fat stores and thus lose fat mass.

Usually indicated between 10 and 24 hours of fasting, and this can be done daily or only on certain days of the week.

Periods during which feeding is allowed are called feeding windows. Outside of it, a person should drink liquids that do not contain calories, such as water (with or without gas), tea and coffee without sugar.

Fasting was very common in the Paleolithic period, when humans lived in a game and did not have access to food all the time.

Intermittent fasting method

Fasting diet is very simple. It's basically a schedule that divides your day into two parts: a food window and a fasting window. While most diet plans care primarily about what you eat, this plan is about when you eat, and that's it.

No meal planning, no shopping lists, or other preset. You can choose the ideal fasting schedule that suits your lifestyle, then all you have to do is follow the schedule! The intention of intermittent fasting is to make the most of your body's natural metabolic processes every day, so that you can be on your way to optimal health in the long run.

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Is intermittent fasting for weight loss good for you?

Intermittent fasting may be the simplest diet ever! And its potential health benefits are so wide and varied, and they seem too good to be true! Whether you want to improve athletic performance or energy, promote healthy weight management or support brain health, intermittent fasting may help.

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Losing excess weight

The amount of weight loss with intermittent fasting is individual. First, it depends a lot on what you weigh in the beginning, then of course it also depends on how much you move around, and what you choose to eat within the eight hours you are allowed to eat.

If you choose intermittent fasting to lose weight, it is good if you do not eat as much as possible within 8 hours. Stick to what you normally eat for 8 hours, otherwise you will not get the desired effect. If you want to get the best possible results on a scale, it might also be a good idea to play a little with the food window so that you don't skip breakfast every day, but sometimes rule out main meals like dinner.

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