boiled potato Diet and milk to lose 5 kilograms in a week

  boiled potato Diet and milk to lose 5 kilograms in a week

boiled potato Diet and milk to lose 5 kilograms in a week
 boiled potato Diet and milk to lose 5 kilograms in a week

It is known that eating potatoes too much causes weight gain and weight gain, but potatoes can be used in an innovative and smart diet to lose weight significantly and quickly - 5 kilograms per week -; Where researchers were able to prove that eating boiled potatoes without salt or any additives helps to lose weight, thanks to the substances that are found in potatoes and help to absorb fats from the body, but the method of preparing them by frying in oil and additives that are added to them such as salt is what turns it Causing weight gain.

Potatoes are considered a semi-integrated diet because they contain the necessary elements and materials for the human being that help him with activity and vitality such as potassium, calcium, iron and minerals such as copper and phosphorous, in addition to it absorbs toxins from the body and is beneficial to the heart and contains a large amount of vitamin C.

Terms of diet boiled potatoes and yogurt

Firstly, it is necessary to persevere in following this diet for a period of not less than three days, regardless of the temptations, and at the same time, 7 days should not be exceeded in following the diet, regardless of the motives and reasons. It is imperative that following any diet, whatever it is, is under the supervision of a specialized physician or nutritionist. The person who follows the boiled potato diet will be able to lose 4 to 5 kilograms within one week as long as he follows the diet to the fullest and without any modification.

Preparation method

Potatoes are boiled in water without adding salt or any other additives and in any quantities, and eaten until satiety and without excessive.

Potato and milk diet program

Day 1, 2, 3 and 4
In the first four days of dieting, boiled potatoes are eaten and distributed throughout the day, with the addition of low-fat yogurt and preferably skimmed.

Day 5
On this day, it is allowed to eat one type of vegetable or fruit throughout the day, but with the following conditions:

Vegetables not to be eaten are: potatoes, sweet corn and potatoes.
Fruits that are forbidden to eat are: figs, dates, grapes, mangoes, bananas, rattab and cream.
Day 6
Salad should be eaten on the sixth day of dieting, preferably spinach or lettuce for their high ability to burn fat and add a sprinkle of olive oil.

Day 7 and last
This is the last day of dieting, when it is allowed to eat potatoes with boiled eggs, fruits, vegetables and a cup of skimmed yogurt.

important note

When following the diet, it is advised to drink water to regulate the body and green tea in order to remove toxins from the body, so you should not drink less than 2 liters of water per day during the diet and even after it is finished.

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