how to grow tall

 how to grow tall

how to grow tall
how to grow tall

The height of a human being proportional to his weight is one of the most important aesthetic manifestations in the world, which many seek to possess, but there are people who suffer from the phenomenon of short stature; As their height is not proportional to their weight, and this is due to several reasons, which may be genetic, genetic, or dietary; So that the person in the period of growth did not get the good nutrition required for the completion of his growth, especially the increase in height. A person can increase his height before the body reaches a state of stopping growth, and by many means, a person gains height, and his stature becomes better and better than before, and this is either through nutrition or exercise that gives the person more height and we will mention The most important ones are in this article.

How to get tall

Nutrition plays the most important and largest role in the growth of the human body in a healthy and sound manner, especially in increasing its height, and among these foods that the searcher for the appropriate height must eat are:
  •  Milk; Calcium is the main driver for increasing height, as it is the main ingredient in building and growing bones, and milk is one of the foods most containing calcium. 
  • soybean; This is because it contains a high percentage of pure proteins; It improves bone and tissue mass. 
  • oatmeal; It is a great source of protein and helps increase muscle mass. Where it is advisable to eat an amount of 50 grams of oatmeal for breakfast daily. 
  • Coral calcium: It helps increase bone mass, making it grow and increase in length, and it is found in marine coral reefs.


Exercise helps to increase height in particular, and to strengthen and develop the body and increase its activity in general, and among these exercises used in an attempt to increase stature:

  • Extending: This is done by sitting with the legs extended. Where we extend the hands until they touch the feet, and if we are unable to reach the feet, we touch the point closest to our hands This exercise helps to make the body more flexible, and speeds up the growth of bones, especially the spine.
  • Cobra stretching exercise, by lying on the abdomen, hands are stable, and feet straight, then we exhale quietly, and lengthen the trunk while keeping the hips stationary, while staying in this position for 15 to 30 seconds, and calmly lower the upper part of the body to the ground, and extend the spine.

Milk and bananas to increase height

  • Two raw eggs.
  • One banana.
  • A cup and a half of milk.
  • Three tablespoons of honey.
  • Seven ice cubes.
How to use
Mix the ingredients together in an electric mixer until well mixed, and drink a large cup of the mixture in the morning and evening, and the result will appear after ten days.

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