Potato Diet For Weight loss guide for beginners

 Potato Diet

potato diet
Potato diet

The potato diet is a special diet, but is this diet healthy? Or is it harmful to health that you should know? You can find the most important information in the following article.

The potato diet is a diet that is often followed for a relatively short period, so what do we know about it? Is it a healthy diet? Learn more about it below.

What is the potato diet?

Just as the name suggests, this diet depends on eating potatoes only during the days of the diet and avoiding eating any other type of food, and the period of the diet is usually 3-5 days only.

It is a relatively harsh diet, and although it may actually help to lose some extra kilograms, it is not without many drawbacks and problems. Although potatoes are a healthy food, they are not a substitute for the rest of the foods that your body needs daily.
Here are some of the most important rules for a potato diet:

  • It is forbidden to eat fried potatoes, it is only allowed to eat plain potatoes that are cooked in a healthy way, such as boiling.
  • These are the drinks allowed to be consumed during the potato diet: water, tea, and black coffee.
    It is allowed to eat 0.9 - 2.3 kg of potatoes per day.It is forbidden to take various nutritional supplements and to take prescribed medications.

  • It is forbidden to put any kind of flavoring on potatoes, and it is preferable to only have a small amount of salt or to avoid salt completely.

  • Exercise should be completely avoided during the potato diet, with very simple exercises if needed.
  • The potatoes allowed to be eaten here are regular potatoes, and sweet potatoes are forbidden.
    There are several different types of potato diet, so some of the above points may change slightly from one type to another.

The effectiveness of the potato diet

There is no research or scientific studies confirming the effectiveness of the potato diet, but although this type of diet may actually help in losing weight due to it reducing the amounts of calories entering the body, it is one of the harsh types of dieting that is best avoided.

Potatoes also contain a special type of chemical compound that may help slow digestion and lose appetite.

But you should know that potato diet may cause weight loss from muscle mass instead of fat, and its effect is short-lived, and often the lost weight will return again after the completion of the diet.

Benefits and pros of potato diet

  • Depending on the people who followed the potato diet, this diet may have the following advantages and benefits:
  • Potatoes are high in many different nutrients that the body needs, such as: vitamin C, folate, potassium, iron, and fiber.
  • Potato diet is one of the low-cost diets.
  • This diet may help you lose a few kilograms over a period of several days.

The disadvantages and negatives of potato diet

The potato diet has many disadvantages and negatives that you should know before you risk adopting this type of harsh diet, and these are the most important:

Weight loss is often a result of healthy muscle mass rather than fat mass that you want to lose.
Potato diet lacks many important nutrients that the body needs.
The weight lost as a result of this diet often returns when you return to eating normally.

An example of a potato diet
If you want to follow the potato diet, this is an example of what you should eat:

1- The first day
Approximately 1.4 kg of potatoes are eaten during the day, spread over the main and side meals, in the form of boiled or baked potatoes without oil.

2- The second day
Eat about 1.8 kilograms of potatoes during the day, spread over the main and side meals, in the form of boiled, grilled or steamed potatoes.

3- The third day
Eat about 2.3 kilograms of potatoes during the day, spread over the main and side meals, in the form of boiled, grilled or steamed potatoes.

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