The Sirtfood diet: what is it? How can you follow it?

The Sirtfood diet: what is it? How can you follow it?

The Sirtfood diet: what is it? How can you follow it?

 What is the Sirtfood diet?

Sitfood diet was included in the list of the most searched types of diets on Google in 2019. It is based on eating foods that contain sirtuin or sirtuin, a group of 7 types of proteins that are already present in the body. The primary functions of these proteins are to speed up metabolism, reduce appetite, and burn fats. Nutritionists say Sirtfood is one of the dietary regimens that help in losing weight quickly. Also, it must be noted that this diet does not reduce the amount of muscle in the body, but on the contrary, it helps to maintain and increase it slightly. Also, to enhance the effectiveness of this diet, it is important to adhere to obtaining 1000 calories per day, in the first period of the diet, and gradually increase the amount.

What foods should be eaten in the Sirtfood diet?

There are certain foods that you should make sure to add to your main dishes, as they contain sirtuin protein. For example, if you want to eat fish, add the ingredients rich in the aforementioned protein, or make sure to eat a salad rich in cabbage, soybeans, parsley ... Also, if you think that following a specific diet will prevent you from eating the sweets and foods you love, you are Wrong. At the top of the list of permitted foods at Diet Sirtfood, you find dark chocolate! It contains an amount of sirtuin stimulants. The foods that should be eaten on the Sirtfood diet are:


the strawberry


Soy beans


olive oil

Matcha green tea






Dark chocolate

Add these ingredients to your dishes, as long as your meals are healthy and not fat. Stay away from foods high in fat, salt and sugar. To enhance the effectiveness of this diet as well, you can resort to green juices rich in citroen to drink as a snack. It will reduce the feeling of hunger and burn fat

How to follow the Sirtfood diet?

The time you follow the Sirtfood diet is limited to the amount of kilograms you want to lose. The shortest period for obtaining the desired result, up to a month.

For the first 3 days, you should stick to the consumption of 1000 calories. You can eat one meal a day, and drink 3 green juices that contain the ingredients we mentioned above.
In the following days, increase the amount of calories consumed to 1500. Make sure to eat two meals and drink the green juice twice a day.
In the last two weeks of the month, you can have 3 meals with drinking green juice once a day.
To get a better result, it is important that you consult a dietitian, who will provide you with a complete guide on how to follow the Sirtfood Diet.

How many kilograms do you lose after following the Sirtfood diet?

If you stick to the aforementioned steps, you should lose about 3.5 kilograms in the first week of the diet. If you keep on dieting, it's very easy to shed all the pounds that bother you, just like Adele.

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